Magic and love. For the LGBTQA+ and neuro-divergent family and allies.

The Stories

Stories about love. About relationships and finding home. About going on adventures and finding your way through.

With LGBTQA+ and neuro-divergent characters. Queer relationships. And magic.

Welcome home

Because who you are matter

LGBTQA+ and Neuro-divergency

And being yourself matter. Seeing yourself in the world around you matter. And not being alone matter.

Because taking a break matters

The Magic

Finding a different world matter. Having fun matters. And getting really lost in a story matter.

Because what you feel matters

The Heart

And stories can affect you, more than they do neuro-typical folx. And we don't want you to walk away feeling worse after reading these stories. We want you to feel lighter, happier, more alive. And bring you joy.

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The Star and the World

A sci-fi shortstory

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