When your neurodivergency can’t be separated from your gender identity and expression


Neuroqueer was coined by Athena Lynn Michaels-Dillon, Remi Yergeau, and Nick Walker and is, as can be seen by the word, a combination of the words neuro (relating to neurodivergency and neuronormativity) and queer (relating to both gender identity and the queer theory where you defy, disrupt and/or liberate yourself from the norm).

You can both be neuroqueer and do neuroqueering.  If you are neuroqueer your gender identity and expression are intricately intertwined with your neurodivergency (or “how you see the world”) and the two can’t be understood separately from each other.

So the way you understand your autism or ADHD for example can both influence and be dependent on the way you experience your gender. And vice versa.

When the word is used as a verb, to neuroqueer, it can mean to question, “disrupting and/or liberating oneself from neuronormativity and heteronormativity simultaneously.”

Or to queer (i.e “queerify”) “one’s performance of gender, sexuality, ethnicity, and/or other aspects of one’s identity.”

NeuroQueer can be a very enlightening label and help you understand yourself more and how your neurodivergency and gender identity interact and affect each other.

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