Magic and love. For the LGBTQA+ and neuro-divergent family and allies.

The Stories

The Star and the World

A sci-fi short story about finding home

Star wakes up after what must have been a fall, but xe doesn't recognize where xe is. The last xe remembers before waking up here is how xe tried to stop the Darkness by driving xem spaceship into it, after that it's black. Now, mountains and hills surround xem and xe realizes that xe must have fallen into the lower planes of the universe.

This becomes the beginning of finding home and learning how you defeat the Darkness, once and for all.

Tina and the World of Winter

A heart-warming LGBTQ+ family tale

"Finally, a book a want to read to my kids" /Maria, non-binary rainbow parent

"This is the story I would have wanted to read when I was young"/ Ben, genderfluid

A boring summer’s afternoon turns into something totally different when Tina accidentally falls into the World of Winter, a place ruled by the evil Ice Queen. There, she meets Ratatosk, a squirrel who won’t stop talking, and Lynx, a cat being who is maybe more caring than fay wants to show. When Tina realizes they both believe she’ll be the one to defeat the Queen of Winter she needs to find a way to unlock the magic they claim she has. But is the key really what they believe it to be, and what are the budding feelings Tina starts to feel towards Lynx?

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The Star and the World

A sci-fi shortstory

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