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We're Lynx (they/them) and Igor-Melissa (they/them). A non-binary, autistic couple writing fiction for the LGBTQA and neuro-divergent family and allies.

We hope these stories, books and audio adventures can bring you joy.

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Once upon a time..

It was the stories that taught us who we are. They showed us the world of queerness and neuro-divergency and helped us understand what we'd felt our whole life.

It all started in the autumn 2019, when Jane, our first character, came to Igor-Melissa. She was.. persistent. Showed up one day and didn't want to leave. Nudged at them until they finally decided to let her speak.

So they sat down, and began to tell Lynx about her. Where she came from, what she had to say and who she was.

We thought it was over there. She'd told us about herself, and that was it. We were so wrong..

Once they'd told Lynx everything they knew, Jane came back. And with her came another character, Sheera. And they began to bring us deeper into a story we didn't know where it would take us.

Soon they visited Lynx as well, and together we began to unfold the story of The Wasteland (still unpublished).

By now we have been visited by several characters, from many different stories, and we are working on publishing our first novel.

Many of our characters are LGBTQA+, several have queer relationships and not a few are neuro-divergent. We learned all about that and what that meant for us by letting them tell their story through us.

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Official authors' bio

Igor-Melissa and Lynx are a non-binary, autistic couple writing fiction for the LGBTQA and neuro-divergent family and allies. Considering themselves storytellers, rather than authors, their books center around love and queer relationships, no matter if it’s a fantasy, sci-fi, or thriller. When not occupied with one of their stories you’ll find them reading manga, watching anime, or doing something else equally geeky.

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