A queer sci-fi story

The Last Wish of Hermes

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Hermes was dying and he knew it. His engines were overheating and there was nothing anyone could do about it. He drifted through space, towards the Dreamworld which would be his last destination.


So this is how it would end..


He would miss Bianca.. What was she doing now? Was she safe? He hoped so.. He felt guilty about lying to her, but it had only been to try to save her, and he tried to tell himself it had been for the best. Now she at least stood a chance to survive.. 


She was the only one who had been unhurt from the attack a couple of hours ago. He still didn’t know who, or what, had attacked them as they were traveling through space, but it had been bad. As his engines had caught fire and a big part of his left wing had been ripped off, he soon realized he wouldn’t survive it.


The attackers had left as quickly as they had come and Bianca had soon come running from the upper deck, telling him that the scientists were dead but that she had managed to escape just in time. Seeing that she was unscattered, he knew he had to try to save her.


He had told her to go to the repair shuttle that was docked on him, to try to help him from the outside. He knew that there was nothing that could be done, of course, but she didn’t yet.


Once she had reached it, and before she could see the real damage, he had shot her as far away from him as he could. She should be on her way now.


He sighed.. She had been his Navigator for longer than he could remember. They had been inseparable, like all Dreamships and Navigators were. Bonded for life. Together they had travelled through space and the Dreamworld. No more.


He hoped she would be alright. He knew the odds were bad, but still, he hoped. He longed to have seen her one more time but he had done everything he could to save her. Now it was up to her and luck. He hoped it would be on her side. 


A growing heat in his crystal hull alerted him that he was getting closer to the Dreamworld. It was the home of Dreamships, the place where he was born and where he would die. 


He heard an explosion and felt one of his engines dying for good. He better hurry. He gave one last command to his computers and they gathered all the data that was stored in him, and transferred it to Bianca’s shuttle. She would need it on her way.


When it was done, he whispered his goodbyes and wished her good luck, then he brought all his power to his last engines. He set himself on course, and for the last time, and alone, he traveled to the DreamWorld. The place where he was born.

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